Development Update: December 2022

Hey everyone,

This is our first development update to show you what we’ve been working on these past few months. We plan to release a dev update every couple of months or so – when we have enough interesting stuff to share (of course).

For now all focus has been on setting up servers, implementing the mapping system, web design and plotting out scenic routes across the USA and Australia.

Very happy to welcome Gian onboard to help out with development and coding. He has been doing an incredible job!

We’ll expand our team around March next year to fast-track further development.

The Map

The map shows all scenic routes in a particular region. It’s really starting to take shape. At the moment we have been working on the USA, Alaska, Hawaii and some of Australia.

There’s a lot of information having to be loaded up, especially with the thousands of POI planned. We’ll just see how things are handled as more of the USA is completed. We’re really going to be pushing it to the limit!

We’ve gone to a lot of effort to make the map as pleasing and intuitive as possible. Simply move over a point of interest and you’ll get some information on what to expect.

Scenic Routes Added Across the USA

In the screenshot below, you can see just how much progress we’ve made across the United States. There’s currently 208 routes already hand plotted, with even more to come in the future.

It’s a huge task to plot even just a single route. Ensuring the drive stays as scenic and interesting as possible is critical.

When you start adding thousands of points of interest (the ones worth visiting), on top of the routes… this is taking things to a whole new level.

Notice the different colored routes. These colors represent a ‘route type’. For example, mountain routes are blue, historic routes are yellow. There are 9 route types altogether.

Finally, you can start going on trips in alignment to what you’re feeling. Maybe a forest drive is exactly what you’re seeking.

You not only can see exactly where they are, but you’ll also know exactly what you’ll encounter before you leave.

The planning of each route can take us more than a day. Imagine saving that time and instead just enjoying the trip.

The Community, a place to gather

Finally, in November we put together the Scenic Finder Community where people can connect, learn and share.

We’re thinking to keep this open to the public but also have member only areas with some surprises we’re soon to be working on.

Here’s a screenshot…

Well, that’s it for now. If you like what you see, spread the word.

A revolution for road tripping and adventure is coming!

Stay tuned…






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