Casa Diablo Road Trip

Off-road Route

California, USA

Traverse the legendary Casa Diablo back roads, along this wild Eastern Sierra gem. Get your 4-wheel drive into gear as you traverse epic canyons, geological wonders and the arid forests of this stunning region.


Volcanic, Canyons, Mountains

44 mi / 70 km

Not Required

Bishop (BIH)

Dirt (Grade B)

Spring, Fall

Off-roading Around Sierra's Casa Diablo

It's a rough and windy start as you head up the tablelands towards the prominent Casa Diablo Mountain. This whole area was formed after the constant tug and pull of monumental geological forces that caused faulting, erosion and pyroclastic flow.

You'll notice the turbulent landscape with its cliffs, canyons and crevices that a whole host of critters take full advantage of. Look out for reptiles, rodents and rabbits hanging about. Hawks and owls are also prevalent here due to the terrains prime nesting opportunities.

Up the side of Casa Diablo you'll enter into some serious gold mining territory that thrived up until the 1940s. The mine attracted a considerable workforce and even had electricity and working phone - yep! that was huge back then. However, like many other gold mines, its operations eventually declined as the easily accessible gold deposits were completely depleted.

After 16 miles you'll find yourself amongst a forest of Pinyon and Jeffrey pines. Keep your eyes peeled for squirrels, chipmunks and pinyon jays in the fall as they scurry around collecting the delicious nuts fallen from the Pinyon Pines.

It's all downhill from here as you cross the dam to Crowley Lake, traverse the freeway and slide your way down the steep canyon carved out by Lower Rock Creek.

At the bottom and end of the route you'll be at what one of Owen Valley's first explorers, Captain J.W. Davidson said was "the most beautiful place he had ever seen". Round Valley is one of the greenest parts you'll find in this neck of the woods. It also makes for some fantastic photos as the lush green fields back to the stark rocky Sierra's.

Bishop has endless accommodation options for all budgets. However, if you're heading north then stay a night (or two) in the stunning Mammoth Lakes. Not Required Got a tip for this route? Send us yours! The road is dirt (Grade B) suitable for 4-wheel drive vehicles with a high clearance. Things can get rough at for the first mile, there's also sand about. May be impassable and challenging in winter due to snow. View current alerts and warnings from the Mono County.



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