Celebrity Homes of LA Drive

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California, USA

This Hollywood Hills road trip will take you through LA's opulent rolling hills where current (and former) celebrities live door to door from one another in mega-mansions and luxury.


Celebrity Homes, Hollywood Mansions

11 mi / 18 km

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Los Angeles (LAX)

Sealed Road

Spring Summer

Celeb Spotting in the Hollywood Hills

The Celebrity Homes of LA route goes from Bel Air to Sunset Boulevard through some of the most coveted real estate in the United States of America. You'll cruise the palm-lined streets of the Hollywood Hills past mansions made for the big-name stars and singers, and get a dose of real La La Land history and heritage as you go.

Begin in the west, winding through the legendary neighborhood that is Bel Air. Sorry, the house of the Fresh Prince himself isn't actually there – it's located down in nearby Brentwood. But there's no shortage of Silver Screen fame. Property owned by the likes of J-Lo, the Kardashians, Meg Ryan, and Beyonce dots the streets, so keep your eyes peeled for famous faces.

In the 1950s, Grace Kelly, the beloved Hollywood actress who later became Princess Grace of Monaco, resided in a stunning mansion in Bel Air. The luxurious property, known as "Grace Kelly's Bel Air Mansion," offered privacy and serenity amidst her rising stardom.

It was during her time there that she met Prince Rainier of Monaco, leading to their fairytale marriage and Grace Kelly's transformation into real-life royalty. Though the mansion changed hands over the years, the story of Grace Kelly's time in Bel Air remains a captivating chapter in the area's celebrity home history, symbolizing the intertwining worlds of Hollywood and royalty.

As you move east, you'll enter the Holmby Hills. It's studded with some of the most iconic abodes in America. On one corner, you'll whizz past the Playboy Mansion, where some of the most (in)famous parties in LA took place in the 70s and 80s. Around the next bend, you'll see the former home of Walt Disney, a $90 million mansion with fairy-tale features like a mini underground railway – of course!

The Walt Disney Estate not only provided a luxurious home for the Disney family but also became a place where Disney's creative genius flourished. It was within these walls that Disney conceptualized and planned some of his most famous creations, including the first-ever full-length animated feature film, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

Just a few doors down Carolwood Drive, the legendary house of Michael Jackson comes into full view. In fact, it was the place where the revered King of Pop passed away back in 2009. The house is pretty darn opulent, counting seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 14 fireplaces, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Oh yea, and a certain Elvis Presley might have been the neighbor once upon a time. The King of Rock 'n' Roll lived just over the road. That's two kings on one block!

The route stays star-studded until the very end. You'll move on to pass the former home of the OG black-and-white film star, Charlie Chaplin, and then pop maestro Prince. Between them is the grand Greystone Mansion, a 55-room Tudor home come public park with a haunting story – the erstwhile owner, oil heir Ned Doheny, died here in a guest room in 1929, the result of a mysterious murder-suicide perpetrated by his secretary. These days, the spot is best known for its grand staircase, which has been used in umpteen Hollywood productions, from The Big Lebowski to There Will be Blood.

As your journey past the celebrity homes of Hollywood concludes, you carry with you the stories of those who have left their mark in these enchanting hills. Each mansion tells a story of success, creativity, and the pursuit of dreams. Behind the high gates and manicured lawns, legends have been born, scandals have unfolded, and the echoes of fame are etched into these legendary hills.

The Hollywood Roosevelt is a historic and luxurious hotel on Hollywood Boulevard, known for its classic Hollywood charm, rooftop pool, and vibrant nightlife. Chateau Marmont, an iconic celebrity hotspot nestled in the hills, offers elegant rooms, a private garden, and a renowned restaurant.

The Garland, located near Universal Studios, captures the retro-chic essence of Hollywood with spacious rooms, a lush courtyard, and an on-site restaurant. Magic Castle Hotel, although not directly in the hills, offers an enchanting experience with comfortable rooms and a heated pool, all within close proximity to the Hollywood Hills area.

Parking fees may apply to some areas - see signage on site. Respect Privacy: Remember that the residents of these homes value their privacy. It is important to respect their space and not trespass or engage in any intrusive behavior. Stay on public streets and sidewalks and avoid taking photographs or lingering in front of private residences.

Be Discreet: If you do happen to spot a celebrity or a notable home, it's important to be discreet and respectful. Avoid excessive staring, intrusive questions, or disruptive behavior. Give them their space and allow them to enjoy their privacy.

The roads around Los Angeles are sealed. View current alerts and warnings from the City of Los Angeles.



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