Hollywood Loop Drive

City Route

Los Angeles, California

Experience the thrill of driving through the home of filmmaking on our Hollywood loop that begins in the luxurious Beverly Hills looping around to Hollywood and the vibrant Sunset Strip.


Film Attractions, Shopping, Museums

16 mi / 26 km

Not Required

Los Angeles (LAX)

Sealed Road

Spring, Summer

Explore the Home of Filmmaking

Calling all Silver Screen aficionados – the Hollywood Loop is about treading the hallowed ground of Tinseltown. You'll tour the most iconic sights and locations in the history of cinema, check off bucket-list LA attractions, and maybe even rub shoulders with the Chris Pratts of this world.

It all begins in stylish fashion at the iconic Beverly Wilshire Hotel where luxury shopping adorns the opulant Rodeo Drive. Take the compulsory selfie with the Beverly Hills Sign, be amazed at the colossal Moreton Fig Tree, and be sure to grab your cupcake from Sprinkles – it's the home of the world's first cupcake ATM.

From there, you'll cruise down Burton Way and join Wiltshire Boulevard to start your trip into the annals of filmmaking…

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is the perfect place for that. It's home to some of movieland's most iconic objects – Dorothy's slippers from the Wizard of Oz, the only remaining shark model from Jaws, the typewriter that Hitchcock used to put together Psycho. (Next door, there's history of an altogether different kind courtesy of the La Brea Tar Pits, a curious urban palaeontology site where scientists have discovered the bones of woolly mammoths and dire wolves.)

A pitstop for retail therapy at The Grove is a must. Welcome to one of LA's chicest mall complexes, a veritable hotspot for buying lux threads from brands like Michael Kors, Christian Dior, and Valentino. Suited and booted? Good, you're now truly ready for the heart of Hollywood proper…

It's heralded by the sprawling studios at Paramount Pictures, where the two-hour tours take you through working film sets on the trail off 110 years of filmmaking. Heading up Cower street the famous Hollywood sign comes into full view.

Originally erected in 1923 to promote a real estate development, this colossal sign soon transcended its intended purpose. It became an emblem of the booming film industry and the allure of the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle. As time passed, the sign evolved into a cherished symbol, outlasting the development it was designed to endorse. In 1949, the last four letters were removed, transforming it into the iconic "Hollywood" sign we know today.

Just north of here the buildings begin to rise and you'll soon be center-stage in the star-studded grounds of the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. It's the culmination of the drive, spreading down 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard in a stream of eminent names, from John Lennon to Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson to Dean Martin.

Wind your way down Sunset Boulevard with its towering billboards and countless boutique shops to explore. As the Hollywood Loop drive draws to a close, one is left with a kaleidoscope of unforgettable memories. The glimmering lights of iconic theaters and vibrant marquees cast a spell, as the energy of the entertainment capital permeates the air. It is a place where dreams have blossomed into reality and legends have forever etched their presence into the very fabric of popular culture.

The Hollywood Roosevelt, a historic hotel on Hollywood Boulevard, offers a blend of classic charm and modern luxury, with a rooftop pool and vibrant nightlife. The Kimpton Everly Hotel, situated near the Hollywood Walk of Fame, provides contemporary rooms, stunning views of the city, and a rooftop pool.

For a boutique experience, consider Mama Shelter, a trendy hotel with uniquely designed rooms, a rooftop bar, and a vibrant atmosphere. The Dream Hollywood Hotel, located in the heart of Hollywood, offers stylish accommodations, a rooftop lounge, and a rooftop pool with panoramic views.

Parking fees may apply to some areas - see signage on site. Got a tip to share for this route? Send us yours! The roads in Los Angeles are sealed. View current alerts and warnings from the City of Los Angeles.



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